Focus on digital marketing professions

As the Internet occupies more and more of the lives of consumers, businesses can no longer afford to neglect this channel of communication and sales.

Many digital marketing professions have thus developed to establish the notoriety of companies and brands online. Here is a zoom on the main jobs in digital marketing, offered internally or in communication agencies.

Head of digital strategy

The digital strategy manager is responsible for designing and deploying a company’s marketing strategy on the Internet. Impregnated with the culture of the company or the brand that he promotes and well aware of codes and trends on the web, he creates digital products and services and sets up online communication campaigns to establish the reputation of his company. Within a limited budget and framed by technical, legal, and financial constraints, he plans and coordinates projects for product development, traffic acquisition, content creation, online partnerships, or mobile marketing. following a strict publication schedule.

After having set up his strategy, he calculates the return on investment of each of his actions online to readjust if necessary. Whatever techniques he uses, a company’s digital strategy manager’s mission is to attract new customers to the web, retain existing customers, defend the values ​​of the company or the brand and better position it vis-à-vis the competition.

Traffic manager

Responsible for the acquisition and management of traffic on the website of a brand or a company, his main mission is to improve its visibility with Internet users. To do this, he plans and coordinates actions aimed at increasing the audience of the website for which he is responsible. Natural or paid referencing, email campaigns, the creation, and maintenance of links, and online partnerships are some of the elements for which he is responsible and which he monitors on a daily basis.

The results of its referencing or affiliate campaigns are obtained through the analysis of statistics that provide information on the origin of site traffic. It uses automated reporting tools and compares the information gathered with that of the competition to determine if it is using the best SEO method. While the indexing of websites by the algorithms of the main search engines is more and more demanding and precise in terms of evaluating the quality of a website, the traffic manager is developing good SEO practices to improve their performance. website in natural search results. SEO and paid advertising techniques (SEM and ads) are occasionally used to boost traffic. Once the online strategy is established, he determines the return on investment of each of his actions to measure his performance. As this profession is relatively new, little training is offered in this area and the best traffic managers often acquire their skills on the job, through tests, successes, and failures.

The profession of community manager

The community manager is responsible for managing communities on social networks. Under the direction of the head of digital strategy, he draws up a social media plan and ensures its follow-up. His goal is to establish the company he works for, or one of his brands, on social networks by running one or more accounts in his name. In search of the latest trends, he defines an editorial line for each social network, in line with the company’s overall web strategy. Its main mission is to create enthusiasm within the community by offering fresh and innovative content.

When he succeeds in achieving his objectives, the community manager creates a close relationship between the clients and the company or the brand he promotes. This proximity is nourished on a daily basis and requires great availability to respond to or moderate the comments posted by Internet users. Social networks also serve as a communication channel for sharing important company events and distributing invitations. A successful campaign enables them to gain positive feedback from customers and contributes to the pursuit of the online goals of the digital marketing team.

The profession of web editor

The web editor works in close collaboration with the various players in the digital marketing strategy of a company or a brand. Responsible for writing various content to feed the website, blog, or social networks of a company, he addresses several themes from the perspective of the brand after having carried out the research essential to mastering his subject. Its main mission is therefore to write texts with a view to informing and attracting Internet users while remaining in line with the company’s editorial strategy.

In accordance with the expectations of the head of digital strategy, the traffic manager, or the community manager, he adjusts his editorial style to provide clear, original articles, which are easy to read. To increase the traffic of a website, the web editor must master the various SEO techniques, say SEO, while scrupulously avoiding copying the sources he uses for his research. Depending on the specifics of his employer, the web editor can take care of the layout of his article, the search for images, and any other element that could improve the readability of his text. A good writing level, ease of writing, a rich vocabulary, and a spirit of synthesis are essential to aspiring to exercise this profession.

The aforementioned professions are essential for the development of a digital marketing strategy. However, the world of online marketing does not stop at these functions, and more and more specialized trades based on communication training are being created to better meet the needs of companies on the Web. Great curiosity and unlimited motivation can propel the candidates of these trades towards the best digital jobs within a company or a communication agency.

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