How to communicate at a summer event?

Are you organizing an event this summer and want to promote it so that it welcomes as many people as possible? Let’s detail the different methods of communicating about a summer event so that it is synonymous with success!

Highlight your event and prepare your communication materials

The first step is to build a special visual identity that will be able to attract your target: logo, visual assembly, photography …

Then, your message must convey the essential information (date and time, location, prices) and highlight the benefits to be derived from the event for future participants. The message should also be catchy so that you are sure to attract people.

To prepare your communication media, according to your means, you can call on a graphic designer and a freelance writer to make your media as professional as possible. Sites like Fiverr or Upwork offer a connection with professional and efficient freelancers, who can even advise you based on their experience.

Once these three elements have been defined (name, image, messages) you can use them for your flyers, your leaflets, your posters, and your publications on social networks.

Communicate physically about your summer event

The distribution of flyers or leaflets in the street is essential to reach tourists passing through your locality. This is because these are more likely to plan a day or evening out of the blue and will likely show a natural curiosity about the nightlife, culture, or food in your locality. Aim for areas where your target customers are.

Some agencies offer to carry out distribution campaigns for you in the streets of town centers, on beaches, around markets …

Make sure that the people in charge of the distribution don’t just hand out the flyer but communicate enthusiastically verbally about the upcoming event.

Sticking posters on busy roads is also an effective way of disseminating information about the upcoming holding of your event.

It may also be interesting to go to the tourist office to offer them your brochures and inform them of the imminent holding of your event.

Communicate about your summer event online

Play on multiple boards and also communicate about your summer event online. First, create an event on Facebook and invite your prospects and customers to it. Share it on friend pages, on Twitter, and on Instagram, if you are registered on these networks.

For even greater reach, you can connect with sites that share tips for your city or region and try to get an insert for your event.

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