Mundane: a review of the new horror game for PC drawn by hand

If you like unconventional horror games or with a twist, there is a title that we want to recommend. Mundane is like Half-Life 2: Highway 17 turned into a full ten-hour video game. 

On your journey to the top of the mountain, you will have to passively sit on the bus, drive a truck through rough terrain, and ride a sled down the alpine slopes. You must go through dark and labyrinthine tunnels, using different types of vehicles to complete the journey.

The distinctive look of this horror video game is apparent from the get-go: each frame looks like a pencil drawing, and everything is presented in black and white. This gives it an amazing effect as well as creepy. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Keep reading this review and we assure you that you will be captivated by this incredible title.

What is Mundaun?

Mundaun is a horror video game for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. It takes place in the Swiss Alps and you play the protagonist Cardin. Each scene appears to be drawn by hand, which contributes greatly to the heavy and terrifying aspect of the game.

When you start, things seem quite peaceful, you even have a chance to pet a goat. You’re back in Mundaun because your grandfather died in a fire and everything quickly takes a surreal turn when Cardin finds his grandfather’s charred corpse. The deeper you delve into the mystery, the more chaotic and out of control everything becomes.

Mundane is, at its core, an adventure game. You walk and talk to the townspeople, collect items and find clues. There is no endless exposure of monsters that jump unexpectedly onto the screen like in other titles in the horror genre.

It does include some combat but it is rather clumsy and not very developed. The weapons at your disposal are limited to pitchforks and an antique rifle that you acquire rather late in the game. The combat is not complicated but the presence of enemies helps to differentiate the free and easy exploration of the day from the anxious and restless races at night (more or less like in Minecraft to be understood).

Depending on your choices, Mundaun will give you one of five different endings. The pace of the game is impeccable and the gameplay is satisfying, with abundant details that make you believe that the mountain is real. It is rich in atmosphere and imagery, while the story is sustained by questions until you find satisfyingly clever answers. In conclusion, it is an extremely original and entertaining work.

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