What budget to install false ceilings in a company?

The ceiling often used for aesthetic purposes following several events can end up in bad shape. Which can be in your home or in your business. 

The false ceiling was introduced to not only correct this, but also for more aesthetics. If you are in the optics of installing false ceilings in your business, know that the price depends on the type and the professional who will take care of it.

Installation of a fixed plaster false ceiling

The installation of this non-removable false ceiling is not expensive, it can cost you between 15 and 40 euros per m² with the material included. Usually, it is used in bathrooms so not necessary for a business unless you have a bathroom inside. But for a successful installation, you need to resort to the services of a professional.

Installation of suspended suspended ceilings

Very easy to install, it is very aesthetic, customizable, and remains the most used. This false ceiling can be made from materials such as metal, PVC, or plaster, which varies its price. So depending on the base materials chosen, the price will vary accordingly. But on average for the installation, plan between 20 and 40 euros.

Installation of removable false ceilings

This ceiling is very practical to use because it is easily removable if necessary. You also have the option of installing it on multiple bases, such as concrete, steel, or wood bases. When it is made from plaster, allow 15 to 40 euros for the cost of installing the m². But when it is PVC or wood paneling, it is more difficult to install so the installation will cost more. Therefore, plan between 15 and 80 euros per square meter.

Installation of metal false ceilings

Despite its high price, it is often chosen by several users, because it offers a modern loft-style decoration suitable for offices looking for industrial decoration. For this, plan in your budget for the purchase of false ceilings, 150 to 260 euros for the installation of the m².

 Installation of false ceilings in tiles

The latter are often made of 60 × 60 tiles, polyurethane or polystyrene, and are among the cheapest false ceilings. Customizable, they offer you several choices of finishes, patterns, and colors. The budget to be expected is at least 20 euros, the installation of the m².

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