What types of computer cabinets are there and which one you should buy

Buying the right type of PC case is very important if you want to build your own PC. You should choose a computer case that is suitable for your needs and has enough space for the hardware.

 Different types of cabinets offer lower temperatures, better air circulation, sound dampening, support for liquid cooling, sleek glass panels, RGB lighting, and much, much more.

If you don’t know which are the most suitable types of cabinets for you, in this guide, we clarify all your doubts.

How many types of cabinets are there?

Computer cabinets are classified according to their size and there are three main sizes: Full TowerMid Tower, and Mini Tower. Each cabinet size supports one type of motherboard, and larger cabinets are generally compatible with smaller motherboards.

Full tower

Full Tower towers are used to house E-ATX or CEB motherboards. This is very useful for high-performance computers that can use two processors, massive RAM, and multiple storage drives at the same time.

The size varies between 55 and 75 cm in height and 22 to 32 cm in width. They can have 4 to 9 5.25-inch optical drive bays and allow you to install up to seven expansion cards, such as a sound card or receiver.

This type of PC case generally has better internal cooling due to its size. But they are also more expensive than other types of cabinets. The full tower cases are also compatible with the standard ATX motherboard.

If you want to build a very powerful gaming PC capable of supporting multiple monitors and 4K games, or a workstation or workstation, an E-ATX cabinet will provide all the necessary space. A Full Tower is worth buying, but only if you need space for a large number of components or a lot of airflows to cool the powerful processors and video cards.

Mid tower

The Mid Towers or ATX cabinets are the most popular and used type of tower since it allows to use many units and almost all types of motherboards in a more acceptable size than the giant Full Towers. ATX enclosure types generally measure between 35-55 cm high and 15-25 cm wide.

Inside a medium tower, there is enough space to install full-size components, such as the most extensive video cards and fans up to 200mm.

If you want to build a normal gamer PC, capable of running the newest games in pretty good quality, the ATX or Mid Tower cabinet is for you.

Mini Tower

The Mini-ITX cabinets are the opposite pole of the Full Towers and are designed for tiny plates based mini-ITX. The average size of a mini-tower ranges from 30-45 cm high and 15-25 cm wide, but they can sometimes be smaller.

This very small space can create compatibility problems with some hardware components. The most convenient for this type of cabinet is low consumption components since you will not be able to use liquid cooling or a large heat sink in most cases.

The cabinets PC of this type are generally used as office computers or home, always for everyday tasks and rarely as PC gamer or high – performance computer.

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